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Gramercy, Louisiana-based LSR, LLC (Louisiana Sugar Refining), represents the largest single investment in America’s sugar cane industry in over 40 years. This $190 million white sugar refinery is capable of refining two billion pounds of white sugar annually for distribution to commercial and retail customers throughout the United States, provides direct jobs for approximately 180 area residents and annual payroll and benefits of over $15 million.

A joint venture of Cargill, Inc. and Louisiana Sugar Growers and Refiners, Inc. (SUGAR), LSR was formed to ensure the growth and stability of Louisiana’s sugar cane farmers and to further integrate more than 800+ growers into the industry’s economic structure.

By utilizing the latest innovations in both technology and human resource practices, LSR has created a state-of-the-art refinery which brings real economic value to the community and its many stakeholders.

Cargill, Inc.Louisiana Sugar Growers and Refiners, Inc.
Louisiana Sugar Refining, LLC
1230 South 5th Ave. (Physical)
P.O. Box 625 (Mailing)
Gramercy, LA 70052

Phone: 225-869-6990
Fax: 225-869-4371

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