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Environmental Stewardship


Our recycling program extends across the facility and includes a multitude of products from lab equipment and ink cartridges to pallets and used oil. LSR is continuously looking for ways to reduce waste and repurpose materials for future use.

Sustainable Practices

  • Site-wide recycling
  • Soil amendment for fields
  • Optimized sugar recovery
  • Waste minimization
  • River water treatment for production
  • Condensate recycle
  • Prioritize regional sales
  • Utilize barge and rail transportation
  • LDEQ's Voluntary Remediation Program
  • "No Sugar on the Ground" Pollution Prevention
  • Water conservation
  • Reduced process chemicals
  • Low NOx burners

Responsible Sourcing

LSR produces the only sugar that is 100% U.S. Non-GMO. We receive our raw sugar from 8 mills located within 100 miles of the refinery. Those 8 mills process sugar grown by approximately 800 farmers across Louisiana. In fact 75% of the raw sugar produced from cane grown in Louisiana is refined at LSR. As an integral member of the sugar belt, LSR relies on cooperation and transparency to ensure sustainability and quality standards are met. This also allows us to reduce our transportation footprint and ultimately, our carbon emissions.

All raw sugar refined at LSR is produced from cane grown within 110 mile radius of the refinery.

Our Partner Mills:Alma PlantationLouisiana Sugar Cane Co-op., Inc.
Cajun Sugar Co-op., Inc.Lula Sugar Factory
Cora-Texas MFG. CO., Inc.St. Mary Sugar Co-op., Inc.
Lafourche Sugars Corp.Westfield Sugar Factory